Affinity Asset Group

Mission. Wealth. Legacy

Affinity Asset Group was formed out of the dream that everyone has the right to understand the power of investing in real assets on Main Street, and not always relying on Wall Street to do what’s right.

Our team focuses first on building a community of friends and partners that we can provide value to in the form of education or private investment syndications. We structure our investments with our clients in mind first, to provide them passive cash flow and maximize tax advantages to each investor.

How does it work?

We provide you, a busy professional, the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate projects completely passively, while our team conducts the day-to-day work that comes along with the real-estate investments.

These investments typically payout distributions on a monthly or quarterly basis throughout the life of the investment, generated by the cash flow and value-additions from the project. At the end of the deal’s life-cycle, the investment is commonly sold, and the proceeds are split between both parties.

Before any deal, you will get the opportunity to discuss all of the details of the project, the strategy for holding and improving the project, and the strategy we intend to exit the project with. We pride ourselves in being upfront and fully transparent in every deal – from what we believe the greatest risks may be and how we intend on mitigating these risks throughout the process.

Throughout the investment, you will receive constant communication from us. If everything is going according to plan, we will plan monthly check-ins to keep you informed of the progression. We will also reach out immediately if anything unexpected were to arise or any items go above expectations.

Again, we stand by the fact that passive income provides you and your family a path to financial freedom, stability, and lifestyle options.

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