Apogee Development Group

Providing investment opportunities in real estate by offering projects with unique value adds in addition to high returns for investors. 

Apogee Development was created to provide investment opportunities into real estate for its founders and partners, through syndication. Due to our experience in Development and construction we have become a prime mover of off market deals that are not visible to the average real estate investors. The projects we choose, bring high returns for our investors. We are projected to be one of the most innovative real estate investment companies in the market.

All asset class properties are an option for us, including:

- Hospitality
- Commercial Retail
- Medical Office
- Restaurants
- Multi-Family
- Self Storage

We always aim to provide opportunities for our investor team, that will be lucrative through a practical, productive and methodical approach to the market. We believe that every project has its unique characteristics that if approached correctly can become tremendous opportunities.

We are excited with the possibility's that will come when working together with you!

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